Kehlani in Chicago – YSBH Tour

I started  listening to Kehlani’s music in January after one of my favorite writers, Alexandra Elle, liked Kehlani’s mixtape cover on Instagram. I listened to her mixtape Cloud 19 and was taken away. Female R&B singers are at a surprising low right now. Yes there’s Jhene Aiko, Justine Skye, and Ariana Grande but a few years ago there were girl groups and solo singers galore. Now it seems like we’re stuck with Chris Brown confusing rhythm and blues with rap music as he cries over the women he treated wrong while calling them btches on every verse… But anyway, Kehlani’s music felt relatable, honest, and graceful. She’s candid with her experiences in every way and I love it I love it I love it.

via me.
via Janaya Greene.

I was devastated in May when I found out that she had a show in Chicago and it was too late for me to buy tickets. That’s why when she announced her You Should Be Here Tour, based off of her most recent mixtape, I set every alarm I had to 11:30 AM on May 29 so I could buy a ticket. Lucky for me, tickets sold out within the week and I was set. All I can say about the concert is that it was amazing. DJ Noodles had the crowd turnt, Kehlani and her dancers were great, and the energy was definitely up. Plus, during intermission Towkio and Chance performed “Heaven Only Knows” (So so so CHICAGO) .  Not to mention the crowd was so chill. They were hype, but it wasn’t a lot of rough housing, which I’m used to at concerts.

But enough of my nonsense, watch Kehlani perform her first show on the You Should Be Here Tour at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.
via Janaya Greene.
via Janaya Greene.
via Janaya Greene
via Janaya Greene


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