The Best Summer of My Life

Have you ever set a goal for yourself? A minor one that you said you’d accomplish time and time again, yet you completely failed to pull through.

Well, that’s been me for the last.. year. I intended to blog on a more regular schedule, but life happened and I got caught up in all of my other responsibilities. The reality is, though, that I love to blog and even if I can’t blog on the schedule I intend for myself, my posting schedule will definitely be more regular than not posting at all.

In other news…

I had the best time of my life this summer. For years, I’ve dreamed of writing and living in New York City. There are endless opportunities for writers and media mavens there and I landed an amazing internship with an amazing media company. I learned so much about my craft and I explored the city every single day—by explore,  I mean got lost (but it still counts). Here are a few images I captured throughout my journey.



On one of my first days in New York City I visited MacBar in SoHo, a cute (and mighty small) restaurant serving a plethora of Macaroni and Cheese dishes. I ordered Lobster Mac and Cheese—because duh, lobster— and it was so amazingly good. I’d recommend it to end a nice shopping day in SoHo.


During Fourth of July weekend, I went to South Street Seaport’s Festival of Independence. One of the headliners was Big Baby D.R.A.M. and his set was great. I was there for “D.R.A.M. Sings Special” but I was put on to “Broccoli” so all in all, his performance was great.


MasonWaySomeone very special to me passed away a year ago. Thankfully, I was able to attend his street naming ceremony in Queens to pay my respects.


Brooklyn Bridge Park is the most beautiful place I have ever been. New York City’s sunsets are gorgeous as is, but the view from under the Brooklyn Bridge is even better.


Little Italy was probably one of my least favorite places to visit. The area comprised of blocked-off streets with t-shirt shops and restaurants. Basically it’s a center for tourists, but there was a lot of cool graffiti. This cute little monster was my favorite.

I’m not saying goodbye to NYC just yet. The grind doesn’t stop so I’m aiming to intern in New York City again, next summer. It’s never too early to plan, so tell me about your favorite places in the city! Comment below!

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