Who Am I?


Bonjour. I’m Janaya, a journalist, screenwriter, blogger (obviously), photographer, and all-around pop culture lover! I’m a mild-sauce loving, Chicago southsider who has a short film, Veracity, presenting on Showtime Networks. I also have been published on The LanternScenarios USA blog, Uloop, VICE, and more. When I’m not watching Steven Universe, Bojack Horseman, or annihilating a Symphony chocolate bar, I’m probably listening to reggae music while trying on a million different lipstick shades. I’m actively seeking new opportunities!

Now that you've read all the boring stuff, here's a few fun things.

gogreen funky

Why here and not a journal like most people?

Well, I like communicating.. with other people. Writing my deepest and darkest secrets are cool but I love talking about movies, music, social issues, etc. with others. Plus, my brain has ridiculous amounts of information that I can’t bear to keep to myself.

What are you even going to write about?

All things popular culture and other things that people are afraid to talk (or write) about.
Movies and make up are among my favorite things. While I won’t write about beating faces as much, there’ll be a lot of movie critiques and posts on their relevancy to today’s world. Also, please be ready for kick-ass posts on society’s anti-black and pro-male complex as well.

Can I comment if i don’t see things as you do?


I’m here to challenge the norm and to learn new things. Seeing eye-to-eye with every single person is unlikely (more like impossible) and I’d like to connect with everyone so feel free to comment with things you love and things you don’t like as much.

what’s your goal for “janayagenise.com” anyway?

As of now I don’t really have one. As a writer, an audience would obviously make me pretty happy but I hope to just write about whatever comes to mind and connect with people who take interest in what I write. Writing is fulfilling enough to me so whatever comes along with it is great.

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